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Mobile Banking

SECU Mobile is here!!!    

Our new mobile capabilities are online and ready for you to start saving time while you save money with SECU!  

SECU Mobile enables you to perform many functions on-the-go:

  • monitor your accounts and loans
  • transfer funds among accounts
  • find branches and ATMs 
  • send secure messages to the credit union
  • receive alerts about account activity 

We are working to bring you other options in the near future including bill payment and remote deposit capture (taking a photo of a check and depositing it virtually).  Keep an eye on this page and on our facebook page for announcements and information.

How do you get these cool new tools?  Just follow the instructions below to get the applications (“apps”) for your smartphone and access the mobile web (“WAP”) and text banking (sometimes referred to as “SMS text banking”).

Applications ("Apps")

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:  go to the App Store on your device or the iTunes Store on your desktop/laptop computer and search for “SECU Mobile”.  There are several impostors; the one you’re looking for is titled “SECU Mobile (Florida)” and has this icon:


Click the “+FREE” button and the App will install.  The App is fairly intuitive, so you shouldn’t need much more instruction.  (And don’t forget to show us some love by going to the App Store and providing a review/rating for the app once you’ve tried it out!)

Android device: go to the Google Play Store or go to play.google.com in a web browser and search for SECU Mobile.  Look for the one that says “SECU Mobile (Florida)” and has this icon:


Click the “INSTALL” button and the App will install.  The App is intuitive, if you have questions please call the Contact Center at 800-753-7328  (And don’t forget to show us some love by going to Google Play and providing a review/rating for the app once you’ve tried it out!)

Other devices:  There are also apps for Blackberry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile and most other newer smart phones and mobile devices.  On those devices, open your Internet browser and go to http://www.mfmnow.com/stateemployeescu.  There you will find a link to download the application for your device.  Some devices will have the SECU Mobile icon; some will have an icon like this:


Follow the standard procedures to install the application on your device.

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Mobile Web ("WAP")

To access the Mobile Web (sometimes referred to as the WAP – which stands for Wireless Access Protocol), open a browser on your device and go to http://m.secufl.org.  Click on “1.  Mobile Banking” and you will be presented with a login screen.

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Text Banking (“SMS Text Banking”)

To register your mobile phone for text banking (banking by sending/receiving text messages on your device), you must first log in to the Mobile Web (“WAP” – see above for instructions on accessing the Mobile Web).

Once logged in on the home screen you will see a list of menu items including “6. SMS Settings”.  Click on “6. SMS Settings” and you will be presented with a screen where you can add up to three mobile numbers for Text Banking.

To add a mobile phone, click “1.  Add a mobile number”.  You will then be asked to Agree to the terms and conditions of SMS Text Banking.  Once you Agree, you will enter the number you wish to enroll, and a code will be sent to that number.  Enter that code on the verification screen and enrollment is complete.

If you ever forget which commands to use, text “HELP” (without quotation marks) to 86020. 

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Username and Password

The Username and Password for SECU Mobile is the same as the one you use to access Internet Banking online at www.secufl.org.

NOTE: If a user has NEVER logged to Internet Banking, they must log in to Internet Banking before accessing SECU Mobile.

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One-Time PIN Activation

SECU Mobile allows users to register up to two mobile clients* without the need for any further authentication.  Once a user attempts to register a third client*, a second security step is required.

After the initial log-in attempt, the following message is displayed: “Alert: Authentication was successful but an additional security step is required.  Please check your email [the email address we have on file with your Internet Banking account] for instructions.  If you need help, please contact State Employees Credit Union at 800-753-7328. “

Check that email account (checking the “Junk” or “Spam” folder if it doesn’t show up in the Inbox) for an email from info@secufl.org.  In that email will be a 4-digit PIN.  To complete the security step, log in to the App or Mobile Web again, adding the 4-digit PIN to the end of the Internet Banking password (this procedure is described in the email).  This only needs to be done one time.  After that, log in to that client* as usual.

*A “client” is any means of accessing SECU Mobile.  This includes, but is not limited to, an app on a device, the Mobile Web accessed through a browser on a mobile device, Mobile web on a desktop, or the Mobile Web on a laptop. 

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Thanks so much for using SECU Mobile!  Questions or suggestions?  Please call the Contact Center at 800-753-7328.  We hope you enjoy having SECU in the palm of your hand!